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Marconi Centre is an integral part of Villa Marconi Long Term Care Center

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Villa Marconi Long-Term Care Center is a non-profit, charitable organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Duly elected by the members at an Annual General Meeting held before June 30th of each year, Board Members bring a wide range of skills and experience and a commitment to improving the lives of seniors in our community.

The Board is responsible for providing strategic leadership by establishing and regularly reviewing the Vision, Mission and Core Values of Villa Marconi. The Board is also responsible for making sure that Villa Marconi meets the health care needs of its residents with a strong commitment to quality and excellence. Its utmost priority is to provide residents with the best health care possible in an environment that encourages warmth, compassion and quality of life.

The Board of Directors is keenly aware that Villa Marconi is a community project and encourages input and participation from all members of the community. 

Our Vision

To be recognized by our residents and our community as a caring and compassionate Long Term Care Centre, providing a high level of quality care and a significant contributor of services to our community.

Our Mission

To promote and enhance the quality of life through innovative and comprehensive services to all our residents and the community. We are committed to care and community spirit with our residents and their families.