Multi-cultural, modern, long-term care


Marconi Centre is an integral part of Villa Marconi Long Term Care Center

Hold your next personal event or Fundraiser at the Marconi Centre

For more info VISIT   www.marconicentre.ca

mario.carrozza@villamarconi.com     613.727.6201   ext 5250

Standing Committees

To facilitate the goals of the Board of Directors, Villa Marconi has the following permanent standing committees:

  • Finance Committee
  • Fundraising & Marconi Centre Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Resident Care Committee
  • L'Età D'Oro Committee

The Board may constitute other standing and special committees as it deems necessary to expedite the business of the Board. All committees are comprised of volunteers whose purposes are to benefit Villa Marconi. The mandates of all committees are reviewed annually and approved by the newly elected Board.