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Villa Marconi
1026 Baseline Road
Ottawa, Ontario  K2C 0A6 
Phone: 613.727.6201

Long Term Care

Jackie Maxwell
Ext: 5258

Jennifer MacElwee

Director of Care


Ext 5222


Activity / Volunteer Department    activitydir@villamarconi.com    Ext: 5090

Dietary Food Services    foodservices@villamarconi.com    Ext: 5170

HR / Resident Italian Services    hr@villamarconi.com    Ext: 5010

Maintenance    maintenance@villamarconi.com    Ext: 5160

Reception    reception@villamarconi.com    Ext: 0

Marconi Centre

Joe Ranieri Director Of Community Relations and Development 

jranieri@villamarconi.com Ext: 5252

Marconi Centre Coordinator    pasqualino@marconicentre.com    Ext: 5210

Donor and Development Officer  Joe Ranieri 613.727.6201 Ext: 5252 jranieri@villamaroni.com

Reception  reception@villamarconi.com  Ext: 0