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Fundraising is the cornerstone of Villa Marconi's existence and a reflection of the generosity and commitment of numerous community donors, businesses and organizations. Thank You to all that engage and support Villa Marconi’s fundraising initiatives - our home’s residents are the beneficiaries of all Villa Marconi fundraising efforts. It is an enduring commitment from the community that has made Villa Marconi one of Ontario’s best long-term care facilities. Villa Marconi has helped many non-profit organizations and associations with their fundraising events too. If you or your organization is considering a fundraising event, consider partnering with us – we have the logistics and experience to deliver. Click HERE for more details.

The success in fundraising is community driven – it is also an extension of a Villa Marconi’s volunteer Fundraising Committee, and staff who are dedicated, skilled, and passionate about helping Villa Marconi.

For information on fundraising events or to host your fundraising event:

Joe Ranieri
613.727.6201 ext. 5252