Multi-cultural, modern, long-term care

Club 2000

Officially launched in April of 2006, Club 2000 is on its way to becoming a major source of funding for Villa Marconi. The basis of this initiative is 2000 individuals or families donating $100 each year with an optimum collective contribution of $200,000 a year for Villa Marconi.

By joining Club 2000 you are helping to create a legacy that will help Villa Marconi now and in the future.

Personal Benefits

  • Receive an official tax receipt for the full amount.
  • Receive public recognition for your contribution.
  • Receive regular information updates

Community Benefits

  • Your participation counts! Individually and collectively, 2000 families have the opportunity to make a significant difference.
  • Together we care. Become part of an important program that will provide critical funding in order to help our beloved seniors.
  • One appeal a year. The long-term objective is to limit the requests for funds to once a year for the families participating in Club 2000.
  • A greater number, working together. The $100 donation makes it easier for everyone to contribute.
  • We can do it. With 2000 families participating in the program, the community has an opportunity to demonstrate its strength.
  • Most importantly, Villa Marconi is community built and community supported. Through this program it will remain community strong.

To join Club 2000, please print and complete the Club 2000 Form (PDF).