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The Board of Villa Marconi held the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 18 2020. 

Want to become a member of Villa Marconi? Any person eighteen or more years of age who subscribes to the objectives of the Corporation, who applies and is accepted by the Board of Directors and pays the prescribed fee established by the Board, may be a regular member of the Corporation for the period prescribed by the Board.

What are the advantages of being a member? Regular members have full voting rights at annual and special general meetings of Villa Marconi and, therefore, have a say in how Villa Marconi is run. Come join us and help make a difference!

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL - If you are an existing member and are looking to renew, purchasing a membership here will renew your membership.  

To participate in an AGM with voting privileges you must be a fully paid member 30 days prior to the AGM date.  You can become a member or renew by clicking on the link below and procee with purchase or renewal of membership.